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Auction Terms of Sale  

ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS: We believe that a mutual understanding of our Auction Terms of Sale makes for a top-notch relationship! Submitting a bid by any method constitutes acknowledgment and acceptance of the following Terms of Sale.

Remember to take advantage of our Bidder's Guide . It explains, registering to bid, terminolgy used on our Auction Site together with tips about how our online bidding and other bidding methods work.  

 1. Each auction lot is sold to the highest bidder at 1 standard increment over the second highest bid we receive. (NO BUYER'S COMMISSION CHARGED!)


$1.00 to $20.00



$750.00 to $1500.00


$20.00  to $50.00 



$1500.00 to $3000.00


$50.00 to $150.00



$3000.00 to $7500.00


$150.00 to $300.00



$7500.00 to $15,000.00


$300.00 to $750.00



  $15,000 and above


All lots carry a Starting Bid. In the event or 2 or more identical bid amounts, the first bid received will take precedence.  Any Bid placed that does not comply with these bid steps will be automatically increased to the next standard Bid Increment.  Bids below the Starting Bid of a lot will not be accepted

2.  Successful bidders will be notified by email or another method. Our system prioritizes notification by email first. All lots must be paid for in full prior to shipment. Payment is DUE WITHIN 7 DAYS of Bidder's receipt of notification. Bidder pays applicable shipping, registration, insurance, etc.

Acceptable forms of Payment are:  Credit or Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express). We do not charge any surcharge for credit card use.  We actually prefer credit card payments for quick and convenient transactions for both parties. We will charge all amounts in US Dollars. Remember that Foreign Currency exchange rates will be calculated by your credit card issuer who may charge you additional fees for this service.

You may also pay by Personal Check in US Dollar funds, US Money Orders (no overseas Money Orders, please), US Currency (if sent by registered mail and STRICTLY at your risk) or by wire transfer to our bank if arranged in advance. Lots will be held for clearance of Personal Checks.

ALL Lots remain the property of Hunt & Co. until paid in full. Any fees arising out of our attempts to collect a payment that is not paid within these terms of sale or is returned or denied by a bank or credit card issuer will be added to the balance due.  Any returned or declined payment is subject to an additional administrative fee of $25 (USD).

All shipments to Texas addresses or picked up in person at our showroom are subject to 8.25% Sales Tax.

3. Every effort is made to accurately describe each lot.  Your satisfaction is truly our aim and our priority. Catalog Values expressed in our lot descriptions are from the Scott catalog unless otherwise noted. If you are not happy with a lot* that was inaccurately described we ask that the following policy be followed:

Any return must be shipped back to us within 7 days of receipt by the Buyer. Please notify us by email or phone if you intend to make a return.

*The following types of lots are NOT RETURNABLE:

  • Any Lot bid on in error.  Please take care in bidding your maximum bid on the correct lot.
  • A lot expressed to be a "range", "group", "selection", "array", "collection"," accumulation", "box lot" or similar, that contains more than 10 items - excepting sets of stamps longer than 10 stamps- is always offered ""as is"" and cannot be returned. Similarly, other lots offered "as is" cannot be returned.
  • Lots pictured in our online auction catalog for reasons of centering, perforation faults or other visible details. Bidders are responsible for viewing the online pictures.
  • Lots inspected/viewed in person at our showroom location or at a stamp show or other location.
  • Lots not in precisely the condition as when shipped by us and also in/with their original lot card or lot packaging with all original labeling.

4. If the Buyer wishes to have an item expertised, the following policies apply:

  • The Buyer must inform us of his/her intent to submit the item for expertizing at the time that bids are placed. ALL requests must reach us no later than 48 hours before the Auction closes. We would appreciate the chance to discuss your concerns in advance, so please provide good daytime contact information.
  • The lot(s) in question must be fully paid for in advance of Buyer's submission to the expertising firm.
  • Submission to the expertising firm by the Buyer must occur within 14 days of receipt of the lot. Buyer must forward a copy of the submission form to us by mail or email at the time of submission. We consider all extensions granted for expertising to be closed and final after 90 days from the Auction closing date whether  the expertiser has returned a certificate or not. 
  • The expertisers acceptable to us are PSE, PSAG, PF and APS (non US only). Any others must be agreed to in writing or by email by us.
  • Hunt & Co. reserves the right to deny requests for expertising if the item has a certificate dated within 5 years. No item may be returned due to any numerical or other particular grading rank assigned by an expertiser. Failure of the expertiser to render an opinion is not grounds for return or reimbursement of expertising fees.
  • NO EXPERTIZING COST REIMBURSEMENT IS MADE FOR ITEMS WON FOR UNDER $100. If the certificate reveals a difference in the condition of the lot in question from our description, the lot and the certificate may be returned to us and we will issue a full refund for the price paid for the lot and we will reimburse the expertising fees on lots the buyer paid $100 or more for. Reimbursement of expertizing fees is dependent on all conditions in Section 4 of these terms of sale being met by the Buyer.

5. About Shipping

Please Note: Shipments CAN come in ALL shapes and sizes AND be of various values. The rates below are provided as a guideline for a typical size and weight. Lots and Collections OR more than 7-10 regular stamp items, etc. exceed the typical shipment criteria.  * Placing an order or bid indicates your agreement to pay for any shipping amount as indicated by this policy even if the shipping charge exceeds the stated minimums.  Thank you very much for your understanding.

Our Private Insurance is included in our shipping charges. 

Shipping Costs: Based on TYPICAL Size and Weight Guideline Example Above In Red .

PLEASE NOTE: (Non-Typical Size and/or Weight Fees are extra on ALL Shipments)


 Minimum Cost

To a US Address by US Mail - Valued up to $400


 * Shipments valued over $400 up to $2000 cost about $6-$8 & those over $2000 cost $20 (Express Mail)
To a NON-US Address by US Mail - Valued up to $400


 * Shipments valued over $400 up to $1000 cost about $17-$20 & those over $1000 cost $49 (Express Mail Int'l)

Foreign Government Seizure Rule (Applies to ALL International Shipments): In the event that an International Shipment or any part of an International Shipment is seized, damaged or lost by the Customs Department or other government authority of the Country of the Recipient's address we have NO Liability and NO Refund will be given. All orders shipped to you are at your own risk for such seizure,etc. All duties or other fees applicable to any shipment are the responsibility of the Recipient.


6. We reserve the right to: A) Refuse admittance to any person to view the lots. B) Decline to accept any bid at our sole discretion. C) Bid on behalf of clients.

Placing a bid signals your agreement to abide by our Auction Terms of Sale.

Revised 04/01/2019

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