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ABOUT REGISTERING TO BID:  You must be registered to bid directly on our Auction Site. (NOTE: If you want to place Mail Bids, Phone Bids, FAX Bids, EMail Bids or Written Bids placed at our showroom instead of bidding on the Internet directly, we will take care of the registration for you. Please include your EMail so you can receive the same notifications as Internet Bidders though this is not mandatory.) When you register, please fill out the form completely and include your email.  The system uses your email address to communicate with you regarding all phases of the auction process. We show examples of this below.

Also, please check off the areas of Interest at the bottom of the form that match your collecting patterns. This allows us to give you a first and equal chance at new arrivals and specials related to your interests and contact you about them on occasion.

TO VIEW LOTS & PLACE BIDS DIRECTLY ON THE AUCTION WEBSITE: Go to and log in by clicking the "Account Login" button at the top of the screen. You will see the extensive Catalog Table of Contents for the current sale in the center section below the Sale Highlights. Click a link of your choosing to view the lots in that section. TIP: When navigating the catalog you can use the "Previous / Next" Links at the top and bottom of each page to move between sections. To return to the Table of Contents, click the "Auction Home" Button at the top of the screen. For your convenience, if you know the Lot number you want to view you can enter it in the "Go To Lot #" Search Box at the upper left of the Auction Home screen.

Glossary - Guide to our Symbols, Terms & Abbreviations

** Mint Never Hinged XF  Extremely Fine-Excellent Centering NH  Never Hinged
* Mint Hinged VF Very Fine-Well Centered LH Lightly Hinged
O Used F-VF Fine to Very Fine-4 clear margins  H Hinged
(*) Unused, No Gum F Fine-off center, touching to clear  HR Hinge Remnant
CVR Cover  AVG  Average-Perfs Cut the design  HH Heavy Hinging
COLL Collection or Lot Ccl Cancel DG Disturbed Gum
PB Plate Block Crs Crease  NG No Gum
SS Souvenir Sheet SP Short Perf RG Regummed
Blk Block RP Reperforated Sc Scott Catalog
Est Val Esimated Value Cert   Certificate (Expertised) MI Michel Catalog
  SG Gibbons Catalog

TO BID ON THE WEBSITE DIRECTLY: CLICK the BID Button on the lot you are bidding on and follow the instructions.  You can then return to the catalog to continue viewing.

TO BID WITHOUT USING THE WEBSITE DIRECTLY: Fill out the bidsheet and Mail it to us, FAX it to us or Scan it and Email it to us as an attachment.  You may also bid by phone or drop your written bids by our showroom if you are in our area. PLEASE include your email if at all possible (though this is not mandatory) as the system keeps you up to date on your bid status through Email notifications.

ABOUT CATALOG VALUES AND ESTIMATED VALUES: Most lots in the sale will include a Catalog Value (CV) and/or an Estimated Value (Est Val). As stated in our Auction Terms Of Sale, Catalog Values are from the Scott Catalog unless noted. Estimated Values are our indication of what we believe is a fair and reasonable price for the lot.

ABOUT STARTING BIDS: Quite simply this is the lowest available bid you can submit. We appreciate the time you spend researching what you need and we value ALL your bids whether at the starting bid or higher! Some auction formats just disallow a bid that is perceived by the Seller as being "too low" or that doesn't meet a Seller's "hidden reserve". You shouldn't have to guess!

We believe our system, (the system we have used for over 20 years) is better and fairer. Knowing the starting bid will allow you concentrate on the lots you want most and make a sound decision in selecting them. You won't have to guess! Our Starting Bid on any Lot is indicated with a (SB). Bids below any Starting Bid will be automatically rounded up to the Starting Bid level. 

ABOUT SECURE MAXIMUM BIDDING: We believe you will find that Maximum Bidding as described below will aid you in winning your lot choices while never costing you any extra and never exceeding your maximum bid. A great combination!

All Bidding is strictly confidential. Your identity and any bids you place with us will never be disclosed to any other person(s).

When you place a bid, enter the maximum amount you are willing to bid for that item. If this amount falls between our standard bidding increments your bid will automatically be rounded up to the next actual bid increment. 

Whenever someone else places a bid that is below your Maximum Bid, our auction system software will automatically enter the lowest possible bid for you at one standard increment over the closest underbidder. The system will continue to act on your behalf only as required in minimum steps up to your Maximum Bid. The system continues to montor and bid for you until either your Maximum Bid is outbid by another bidder OR the auction closes and you are the winning bidder.

The first Maximum Bid received takes precedence over any identical subsequent bid on the same lot. In other words, TIE bids go to the first bid we receive.

TIP: Bidding your Maximum Bid and bidding it as early as possible gives you the best chance to win.

Take a look at these BIDDING EXAMPLES:

Starting Bid:  $100.00   Your Maximum Bid: $150.00  No Other Bids  You Win the lot for $100.00

Starting Bid:  $100.00   Your Maximum Bid: $150.00  Next Highest Bid: $125.00  You Win the lot for $130.00

Starting Bid:  $100.00   Your Maximum Bid: $150.00  Next Highest Bid: $145.00  You Win the lot for $150.00


$0.00 to $20.00



$750.00 to $1500.00


$20.00  to $50.00 



$1500.00 to $3000.00


$50.00 to $150.00



$3000.00 to $7500.00


$150.00 to $300.00



$7500.00 to $15,000.00


$300.00 to $750.00



  $15,000 and above



BID NOTIFICATION: When you place a bid on any lot you will automatically be sent an email notification.

UPDATE MAXIMUM BID NOTIFICATION: If you log in and  increase your Maximum Bid on any lot you will automatically be sent an email notification.

OUTBID NOTIFICATION: If your Maximum Bid is exceeded by another bidder you will automatically be sent an email notification.

ABOUT MULTIPLE BIDS: Mutiple Bids can be placed after you have Logged On to the site and have gone to the  My Current Auctions page.

ABOUT WATCH LIST: You may choose to Watch items without placing bids, this can be done by clicking on the Add to my Watch List link on each auction lot. If this lot recieves a bid you will automatically be notified by email that a bid has been submitted. 

Remember, our system will automatically email you if you have been overbid.

Relax and enjoy the fun and privacy of bidding with Hunt & Co......Serving Collectors Since 1986

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                Brian and Lori Hunt

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